Sunday, January 23, 2011

On Taking Chances

I am, by nature, a play-it-safe kind of girl.  I always have been.  When I was little, I cried when other kids got in trouble.  My senior superlative was "Teacher's Pet."  I made it through my entire school career without ever getting sent to the principal's office.  I was THAT kid.  And there's nothing wrong with that, in theory. 

It's just that I am in my 30th year on this planet.  And I've grown so used to coloring inside the lines, that I've grown afraid of what might happen if I do anything out of my routine.  That's just not the kind of person that I am happy with being.  Now, don't expect me start jumping out of planes (I'm still scared of heights) or anything like that.  But, I am going to me more open to the opportunities that present themselves, be that at work, in my personal life, or whatever else.  I don't want to live a closed-off life anymore.  I don't think that's what God is asking of me and I just don't think it's any way to live. 

We only have so much time here, I've seen enough to know that.  And while I know that we should be careful what we ask God for, I am asking that He help me live a life wide open, full-throttle.  We were made for so much more.  I was made for so much more.  And I want to find out just what that is.


  1. Way to inspire...

    I'm right there with you, friend... just as long as it doesn't involve anything that will make me nauseous.

    But also, knowing what you're referring to here, I am proud of you!!!

  2. This sounds like a fantastic goal - good luck! And don't feel bad, us goody-two-shoes are pretty awesome people!

  3. Goody-two shoes doesn't mean you can't allow people to get to know you. And that may change their lives and yours :) Affected mine.


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