Thursday, January 13, 2011


I don't know about where you are all from but here, Thirty-One bag parties are all the rage.  Tonight, my cousins are throwing one, and I'm all excited because their lunch totes are cheap right now.  Mind you, I have a perfectly nice lunch tote.  But this one will have my name embroidered on it!  And you have to know how much better that is than just a plain one!  And there's a chance I may I have to have a tote if I find one that I really like...  (Yes, I know I have a problem.)

I have been just about useless this week otherwise.  I thought that the snow day would give me a little break, but instead it just more firmly ensconced me in my dislike of anything productive.  I think it's because it's been so stinking cold here that all I want to do is curl up under a warm blanket with a good book (speaking of, there will be a couple of book reviews coming your way soon!).  I'm hoping that this weekend I will get motivated because I really need to take care of a few things.  But, I'm not exactly counting on it. 

Anybody else out there having this problem??


  1. I got two. A big one and a little one--but I didn't have my name put on the little one. It was the coffee and tea one and it would've been really hard to see.

  2. I love that it will have your name embroidered on it. Totally unique I say!

  3. So you will be thrilled to know that I couldn't just stop at the lunch bag. I also bought a super cute tote for the beach/my school bag! So excited!!


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