Thursday, January 13, 2011

If You Need Me, I'll Be Over Here In The Corner...

Allow me to give you a glimpse to my cringe-worthy moments of the last two days:

  • As I was backing out of my parking place at work yesterday, the concrete space marker got caught on my bumper.  And dragged it about three feet before letting go.  I got out and tried to push it back, but those things are surprisingly heavy!  (Concrete and metal rebar, go figure!)  So, I got to call inside and tell the secretary what happened and see if the janitor could move it back before someone hit it. 

  • Tonight, my dad offered to buy pizza as I was hanging out there before the purse party.  I went to pick it up, paid for the pizza, and somehow lost his debit card.  We searched everywhere and have no idea what happened to it.  So, now Dad has to cancel that card and order another.  He was cool about it, but still, it made me feel like a complete and total loser.
Aren't you glad that you don't live with me?  I'm beginning to think I am a danger to myself and others for real.  Just another truly honest glimpse into my life for you all.  I live to entertain.

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