Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Things!

There are a lot of crap things in the world.  There are things in my own life that make me sad.  But it's Friday, and on Friday, you should be happy.  So here's a list of some of the things I am happy about...
  1. Thursday my blog received it's 10,000th hit since June 2010. (Cue the confetti cannons!)  I feel like I should go all Oprah and give something away. ("You get a car!  And you get a car!")   I know there are blogs that get that many hits in a week, some even get that many a day, but the fact that anyone comes by my little blog at all still just amazes me!
  2. My junior high boys play for the State Championship tomorrow afternoon!  Talk about crazy proud!  I can't wait to go be a part of that and hopefully watch them bring home the second state championship trophy this year!
  3. Saturday is an Amber day!  She's going to brave the ballgame with me and then we are going somewhere for dinner!  Bestie day = awesome good fun!
  4. I finally feel better.  In fact, I am almost motivated.  Laundry mountain, look out!
  5. Next week is going to be super busy.  Beta Convention Monday & Tuesday, Wednesday's an early out day, concessions Thursday and Senior Night on Friday.  Insane?  Yes!  But I actually like to be busy.
  6. Spring is coming!  We are supposed to have weather in the 50's this weekend, and maybe even the 60's next week.  And spring means track season, my favorite thing!  The kids and I have already been chatting about it, and I can't wait.
  7. Aside from my yesterday's post about music, I have five more CDs that I am trying to work my way through.  So far, I'm enjoying them immensely.  Discovering new music makes me so very happy!
What about you?  What makes you happy about this week/upcoming weekend?  Let me hear you in the comments!


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