Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Monsieurs et Madames

I love how it seems like all of my really good friends are becoming bloggers!  (Peer pressure, Amber!  Do it!)   But I wanted to take a minute and highlight one of them in particular today.

My friend, Casey, who is awesome in and of herself, has a brand-new cooking blog.  Like she just created it this week kind of new.  But, you should totally be paying attention, because I have no doubt that she will be filling it up with all kinds of recipes, tips, and goodies soon enough.  You should know that Casey really is an excellent cook!  We love it when she brings treats, like her pineapple salsa, to our little winery events, and I have no doubt that everyone will be falling all over themselves for her recipes soon enough.  I am just bragging a little because I can, and of course, because when she has her own business, I will totally want to work there, planning events or answering phones or whatever.  That's how gifted I believe she is.  And she's humble enough to never in a million years say it about herself. 

Go visit her and if nothing else, say hi!  (You can always find her link under Bloggers I Know In Real Life, too!)


  1. Thank you so much, Katie! Tonight we're having Italian - as soon as I have a picture of the finished product, I'll be posting!

  2. You're welcome! I'm not kidding. I want in on the ground floor of this thing! :)

  3. you got it! I've seen your event planning skills in action!

  4. I just want to eat what she fixes. And i would totally be "pee my pants" excited over an amber blog.


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