Thursday, February 3, 2011

What Fun Is A Crown...

...if you can't crown yourself with it?  I had a few free minutes before we crowned the Homecoming Queen.  So, you can of course see what I chose to do.  (Please ignore the unflattering angle of this picture.  It had been a LONG day!  Please give your attention to the shiny, fabulous crown atop my head!)

I do have one really fun story that I can share with you all regarding the festivities.  One of the competitions we have each year is the door decorating competition.  Each class is supposed to exhibit school spirit and the teacher's subject matter with the door and it gets to be a really big deal.  Now, because I organize most of the fun and games during the week, I don't normally do a door.  This was a disappointment to my first hour class, so imagine my surprise when I came in to my room Friday and saw this:

The school's name is in the red block, but isn't that the cutest?  Another teacher helped my 7th graders surprise me and my kids were so excited about it!  It was just about the sweetest thing someone could have done for me in the middle of a crazy day.  Just wanted to share something happy today, because it seems like there just aren't enough happy things to go around.


  1. I love the door and the crown! Sounds like a fun and busy week! I loved homecoming week when i was a young lass. ;)

  2. We had a wonderful time! Sometimes I wish I could share more about my job and some of the great kids I know because of it!


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