Monday, April 4, 2011

C is For Crys, Casey, and Cat

 This is Crys.  Say Hi!  (I love this picture!)
We will start with my friends.  Crys has been my friend for almost 11 years.  I always say that women change the most between 18 and 22, and that's exactly when God saw fit to bring her into my life.  We saw each other through so much--moving away from home, break-ups, college graduation, her wedding and marriage to Favorite.  We are now both teachers, out in the world trying to change the lives of kids every single day.  (Just image all the stories we have combined!)  She's also the facilitator of our Bible study (she doesn't like to be called the leader) and we are all the better for it!  You can learn hear her in her own words here!

 And then there's Casey.  I love Casey because she is smart, funny, and a force of nature.  She's always up for a good time, but is truly one of the most caring people I know.  She just jumps right in, and you have to love people who are willing to be that open.  We haven't been friends for ages, but I don't want to think about what my life would be like without her popping up!  (She does have a tendency to go off the grid from time to time.  Crys to for that matter!  Is it something about the C's?)
 Casey actually has two blogs.  One is just her rants and stories.  You can find it here.  But what you should really be paying attention to is her fabulous food blog.  Casey is an amazing cook.  She started this blog not too long ago and there are already a few fantastic recipes.  I love the way that she writes her recipes and I think you will too.  She should totally have her own show and be famous, partly because I really want to be her assistant, but mostly because she's awesome!

C is also for Cat.  If you're new here, then you don't know about my roommate.  She's overweight, has bad manners, and totally hogs the bed.  Meet Delilah...
That looks pretty much says it all.  If it doesn't this one does.  (She loves Aunt LuLu.  Can't you tell?) 
I was suckered into taking her home by my aunt on Mother's Day several moons ago.  I was fooled by her cuteness.  She looked like my favorite cat, Sonic, from back in those glorious days when I lived for free at my parents'.   I named her Delilah (after the bad girl in the Bible and not the Plain White T's song) and took her home to love.  She was quite honestly the worst kitten ever.  She would climb to the tops of the door facings and slide down, leaving claw marks and she destroyed all my blinds.  I would love to say that she is now a sweet and loving lap cat, but she's not.  She's neurotic.  She chases things that aren't there.  She thunders through my house with the sound of a thousand buffalo. 
She loves to knock against my closet doors at 4:00 AM and step on my hair as she crosses my pillow making me scream.  She freaks out if I smell like outside or if I open a window and the curtains blow in the breeze.  She prefers to be pettted against the carpet.  She's the most aggravating animal that I have ever met, but she's mine.  How could you not at least tolerate a face like this?


  1. Thanks for all of the props! Love you! :oD

  2. Nothing better than good friends and a cuddly cat.


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