Sunday, April 3, 2011

Prayer Mondays (A Little Early)

  • We're finally having warmer weather again!  Now I just hope it stays warmer.  My sinuses can't take much more of the switch back and forth!
  • James seems to have had a good week overall. 
  • Lucy is getting to rest at home instead of in the hospital, which lifts a burden for her parents, as they have two other children at home, too.
  • Spring Break!  I needed it and so did the kids!

  • I continue to covet prayers for my Uncle James.  He still has a long way to go, but I am thankful God has seen fit to bring him this far.  I also want to pray for Auntie Beth, who is a pillar of strength because of God seeing her through.
  • For the ladies of our Bible study -- I love them so much and feel so blessed to just have them as a part of my life.  Open their hearts to Your Word and to what you have for them during this study.
  • For Sawyer, who I've known since he was a kid, and is now a medic in Afghanistan.  I pray for his safety, for his wife, Jessica, and the rest of his family as they await his safe return.
  • For my little sister, Lu, who is nearing the end of her first year of nursing school.  It's been a tough one, but she has done so well!  I'm so proud of her and pray that God will give her strength as finals loom.
  • For my co-worker, whose mother passed away last week from brain cancer.  It was a quick decline, Lord, which was both merciful and heartbreaking.  Be with LeAnn and the girls during this difficult time.
  • For those personal requests that I mentioned last week.  These aren't my stories to share, but I know that God knows them, and I'm positive that He is working in each of those situations.
Father God, I pray for the women who have committed to prayer each Wednesday.  You know the needs of our hearts and as Our Provider, we believe that you will give us exactly what we need at the exact moment we need it.  Hear our requests and accept our praises.  Pour our Your blessings on Your people.  We come expectant, believe that Your goodness and mercy will be revealed in due time.  Thank you, Father, for loving us where we are and for walking with us until we get to where You want us to be.  Amen.


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