Saturday, April 2, 2011

B Is For Books

It's time for another list of books I've been reading.  Believe me, none of these people know me (no matter how hard I try) and I haven't received any endorsements for what I have to say.  I just love to share what I've read with the populace at large, or with the six of you who haven't stopped reading this post yet.
It's All Relative by Wade Rouse was a Jen Lancaster recommendation.  It's a book that I probably wouldn't have picked up on my own, but it's an interesting memoir centered around the theme of holidays.  Rouse does a great job at being both hilarious and touching without really beating you over the head with either.  Life is sometimes funny just because of where you find yourself and the people you find yourself with.  Three and half completely arbitrary stars!
Commencement by J. Courtney Sullivan is another Jen recommendation.  (I figure if I love her why wouldn't I love what she's reading!)  This book is about four women who attended college together, and then when off into their freshman year of life.  You can see why I might have a soft spot for a book like that, huh?  It was an excellent read!  I gobbled it up in nothing flat and could barely stand to put it down, even when I had to.  Three and three-quarter stars.
Black Heels and Tractor Wheels by Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, and my personal hero, didn't needed to be recommended to me.  While I had read most of the blog form of the story when I discovered Ree's site, I still enjoyed the book.  It's fun that she included recipes in the back as well.  Though it's probably in everyone's best interest that I don't try to make them.  Three stars and my eternal admiration.
Awkward Family Photos by Mike Bender and Doug Chernack was a gift from Amber for Christmas.  It's not so much a book you read as one that you point and laugh at, and then cringe when you realize you've seen that picture before because it's hanging in your parents' hallway.  Four stars and a gift card for an awkward family photo of your very own.
My Life In France by Julia Child is what I am reading occasionally right now.  It's a little bit dense if you don't speak French (which I don't, despite three years of it in high school) and if you aren't a foodie (I can barely cook) but it's made up of lovely vignettes that are funny and well-written.  I'm progressing a little slowly through this one and my friends think I'm crazy for being interested at all, but I will soldier on. 

Got any suggestions?  I would love to know what everyone's been reading!  Let me hear you in the comments.


  1. I would love to have the Awkward Family Photos, I may have to look in to that!

    Great list!

  2. I need to pick up Black Heels and Tractors Wheels. I started reading it online but that format was just too much for me! I need the book in hand. She is just too funny on her site. :)

  3. Nice book recs! May have to give the Black Heels book a go. As for awkward family photos, I suspect I'm responsible for setting up too many of those...

    Dead Reckoning

  4. What a great choice of books to feature. :)


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