Monday, April 11, 2011

I Is For Incredible

I promise this is the last of the beach posts.  By now you've probably figured out that I have a true and honest love affair with the beach.  The first time I went I was 18 months old (see above:  Well hello, 1982!)  

When my mom was little, the same families would gather in Daytona Beach, FL every year from all over the country, and when I was a kid, there were reunions of these families every few years.  I remember basically taking over the hotel and the pool, going to the beach in herds of kids with whichever grown-up got conned into to taking us.  My grandma and mom both talk about the beach the same way I do, so I guess it's just in the blood.  (The picture below is 1986--love that beard, Uncle!)

As an adult, I've seen the ocean (at least the Atlantic) from all different viewpoints.  I've been to Puerto Rico (which I will be covering soon in its own post) and felt the Carribean lap at my feet.
The reason for our very first road trip was that Amber was graduating college and had never been to the beach.  I decided that no college grad should be without that experience, so we loaded up and went to visit Tara, who was living in Charleston, SC, at the time.  Here's Amber and the ocean making friends.
But Daytona not withstanding, Gulf Shores has become my favorite place to enjoy an ocean view.  I've now been there three times in two years and am already plotting a return.  When I'm at the beach, I am me at my very basic.  I don't know if it's just the whole vacation thing, or if I really am more relaxed, but I love the way I feel.  Some people feel closest to nature hiking, others skiing or something like that, but for me, it's the sand between my toes and waves at my ankles.  The beauty of God's creation in full shimmering, magnificient effect just takes my breath away. 


  1. I have been lucky enough to swim in many of the worlds oceans, and I can think of nothing better than to feel the waves sweeping across my feet with their contents of shells, water and seaweed. Living here only three miles from the nearest beach is simply heaven xx

  2. Sage, I am so jealous! I'm constantly trying to come up with ways to convince all the people I love to move closer to the beach with me. They all seem to be pretty set in the Midwest however. So, I guess I will just have to visit until then!

  3. What a cute picture of little bitty you:). The Gulf Shores have that clear blue-green water that the other shores can't compete with! I know what you mean about being at your best, basic self at the ocean. I feel completely relaxed falling asleep in the sun, listening to waves and gulls. Makes me hanker for it right now!


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