Friday, April 22, 2011

Kelly's Show Us Your Life: How I Stay Organized

Okay, first and foremost, I need my so-called real-life friends to stop laughing.  I'm sure that I am even daring to post on the subject of organization is hilarious them.  (Also, all of you laughing, we aren't friends anymore.)  And the rest of you, give me a moment as I prepare to reveal my not-so-secret shame. The thing is, I am messy, but I am not disorganized.  Nine times out of ten, I know exactly what is in each and every pile, and if you move it, my entire system will be destroyed. 

My problem is not with the organization itself.  I love storage bins just as much as the next girl.  My problems are in the getting it that way and keeping it that way realm.  I get overwhelmed easily and when I'm overwhelmed, I tend to just shut down.  Not exactly the most productive way to handle it, but here we are.  I also have entirely too much stuff.  I am, in fact, a packrat and I always have been.  (I've decided that it's hereditary, because my mom and grandma both are, too.)  I'm sure that if I throw something away, that will be the exact moment that I need it.  It's crazy, but it's true.  I'm not eligible for A&E's Hoarders or anything, but I just hang on to things that I don't really need.  So, what I'm saying is that I actually need to get reorganized at home.  I'm actually planning to do some of that this weekend.  I don't have anywhere to be for the greater part of two days, and I'm quite frankly tired of looking at all of the junk everywhere.  One of the ideas that I really want to try is making flipflop hangers which I found on EPBOT, because believe me when I say I have too many shoes all over the place.

As far as my schedule, my date book is everything to me.  The only way that I could work with four extracurricular clubs, coordinate RtI stuff, and do my regular teaching stuff is to write down everything.  I make weekly to-do lists (which is why I keep a notebook in my purse), try to lay things out the night before, and plan ahead as much as possible.  I'm also a big believer in keeping all of my files on the computer organized by what they pertain to.  It's the only way that I could keep track of files, music, pictures, etc. 

I'm anxious to see what everyone else has as far as their organizational methods.  Maybe I will pick up a few helpful hints!

**Update:  After reading some of the other posts, I realize that there are some things that I do for organization that I don't even really think about anymore.  One is alphabetizing my CDs and DVDs (the shelves for which take up the whole wall of my office) and color-coordinating the clothes in my closet.  Maybe I'm more organized than I thought.  (But probably not.)**


  1. I laughed. And we're still friends... you can't stop me.

    From watching Hoarders, the difference between "shoe mountain" and needing to be on the show is a certain violation of health codes (i.e. collecting poo).

    I still think we should go all Clean House and have a yard sale...

    Your lists are things of wonder.

    The end.

  2. If you are a like me and tend to have piles of paper too! I have a bill organizer that has numbers for the month on it so I can put the bill in where it is due. That is for what I don't do paperless billing. It is amazing how much that helps!

  3. @ Armanda --Paperless billing is awesome! I wish that it was available for all of my bills, for sure! I don't even look inside my fold-down desk because of the paper chaos inside.

    @Amber -- I am still all about the Clean House/yard sale thing! We just need to find a time to do it!

  4. You and I must be organizing twins! I rely heavily on a pile system and a weekly to do list (although sometimes it's a monthly list when I'm too busy to update). I keep a notebook of to do lists and meeting notes. Sometimes it's the only way I know what happened last week!

  5. Hi, I'm visiting from Kelly's Korner. I think you and I are twins separated at birth! The way you described yourself is soooooo me it's scary!

  6. If only you had a friend with OCD who organizes for fun and was going to be home for 4 weeks with nothing better to do than be pregnant...where would you find someone like that?

  7. Cute post! Hi, I'm visiting from a Hop! Have a great Easter! Would love for you to visit my blog and follow back!

  8. I totally alphabetize stuff and color coordinate my closet!! I can't stand for it to be messed up either! I'm very much like you. I love to have things organized, but when they get out of hand I just kind of shut down and don't want to even start. My husband thinks I'm crazy. LOL!


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