Thursday, April 21, 2011

R Is For Road Trip

Like I've mentioned once or twice (or a million times), I love a good road trip.  Upon celebrating the fourth year of our Besties Road Trip Adventure, Amber and I offer you a few tips to help you survive a road trip of your very own.
    1.  Pack lightly. -- Bah-ha-ha!  I jest.  Here's an example of what the car normally looks like:
        Keep in mind that's two people traveling for less than a week.  We like to be prepared for anything.   Like the Zombie Apocolypse or the need to leave our boring lives and live on the beach forever.  
    2.  Have adequate music -- You should never rely solely on the radio.  The radio gods can be kind from time to time, but you never know when you will find yourself getting only three stations, all of which are playing the same six Top 40 songs over and over.  This time we had 2 CDs made especially for the trip and an 8GB iPod.  Preparation is key.  You never know what will become your "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)."  
    3.  Keep lots of snacks -- Know the eating habits of your traveling companion.  Amber, for example, gets crabby when not fed at regular intervals.  Protein is essential, as is a healthy balance of salty and sweet.  (Chocolate should only be packed sparingly as it will create a melty mess!)  Jerky, crackers and Twizzlers are always solid choices.  Car food also seems to multiply no matter how much of it you consume, but maybe that's just us.
    4.  Be open to new experiences.  Just not too open. -- You never know when a stop for gas will turn into a story you tell forever.  Additionally, be prepared to stop to enjoy at least one random roadside attraction.  Read the billboards and take a chance.  As long as you don't get too crazy, the worst that can happen is a cautionary tale about why your should never visit the Exxon at Exit 76.
    5. Have at least two modes of directions -- The GPS will screw you over if it has a chance (we regularly give Dottie a piece of our minds), so have some printed directions or at least an atlas in the car.  At least if you have a couple frames of reference, you can blame the maps and not the navigator.  Right?  Being able to consult both sets of directions reduces in the car yelling by at least 50%.
    6.  Have no fear, wear those track pants - Sure you want to look cute on vacation, but eight hours in the car is not the place for that.  When traveling, you should have your favorite tee, a good pair of track pants, and flip flops.  You're going to want to change the minute you walk in the door of your hotel/condo anyway, so don't waste your cute stuff on the car ride!
And most of all, take lots of pictures and have a great time!  What are your road trip rules?  Let me hear all about it in the comments!


  1. I so like the phrase

    The GPS will screw you over if it has a chance

    Here is a weird tip, change the spoken language option on the SatNav for some education and fun. Me and the kids can now give left/right directions in Mandarin,Spanish and at a pinch Thai :)


  2. I tend to mute it. Dottie's "voice" interrupts our music! :)

  3. I had a hand in this list, but I must admit your explanations still cracked me up. And while the idea of turning Dottie into our own personal Rosetta Stone is intriguing, I can't think of anything on Earth that would make me angrier than being told repeatedly to make a U-turn in German.


  4. I'd love to go on a road trip with you and your hilarious sidekick Angie. "Personal Rosetta Stone" Hilarious!

    I have another tip. Make sure you spend equal times as driver and right-side passenger if you're going to rest your elbow on the top of the door when the window's down. The left-arm-burn isn't a hot look. Well, hot, okay, but not sexy hot.


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