Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q Is For Queen

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be royalty.  I wasn't quite as singularly obsessed as Jerramy Fine (in her book, Someday My Prince Will Come) but I paid an awful lot of attention for a girl who was born on a farm in the Midwest.  Especially when it came to princes William and Harry.  (But were I too pick, I'd have to go with Harry.  I've always loved the bad boy with a heart of gold thing!)

So, obviously, I'm a little excited about the whole royal wedding thing.  Now that I am older, I'm not really interested in the confines of royalty, which I guess is good seeing as how I am no closer to the British line than I was as a girl.  I don't care about all the TV specials leading up to it, I'm all about the main event.  Honestly, it's probably not really the royal part that gets me, it's the wedding thing.  I love a good ceremony! 

I like the pomp, the pageantry, the romance.  I like the groom waiting at the front of the church, and if that church happens to be Westminster Abbey then, awesome!  And I always say that a wedding is the best excuse outside of Miss America a girl has to wear a big ole tiara, and if those are the Crown Jewels?  Fabulous!  Sure, you get a new title when you say "I do!" but Kate, she gets to be a Duchess, and one day, she just might be Queen!  A commoner to a queen--it's the fairy tale, right?

So, I want to know if you will be watching, even if it's just because it's on while you're getting ready.  Tell me all about it in the comments!


  1. I will be watching no doubt, I find it interesting you comment on TV specials, here in the UK there are non !

    You may like the video of the wedding rehearsal on my letter R post though!


  2. Every morning show has had considerable coverage here, as well as the entertainment shows and there have been all manner of specials too. It's funny that there's more coverage here of the "pre-show." Perhaps it's because we don't have a monarchy of our own? Who knows~


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