Monday, April 18, 2011

P Is For Photography

I'm the first one to say that I know nothing about photography, short of the few "rules" my dad taught me on his old Canon, such as kids and animals are always cuter in a close shot.  But as far as the technical, I got nothing.  I don't know what aperture is, a darn thing about focal length, how to shoot on manual with any real promise.  Any decent picture I get is luck, pure and simple.  To pretend that it's talent would be just that, pretend.  This is why I balk when people ask about my photography work.  I am not a photographer, because I know really good ones, and I'm not even in their universe.  And I'm really trying not to rant here, but just because you have a camera, a Facebook page, and a catchy name, it doesn't mean that you have any business trying to sell your work.  (But that's just my opionion.)

I have a program to edit that I use when I'm feeling fancy, but a lot of the time, I just let the picture be what it is.  I didn't even know I had this rainbow picture until I found it looking through my files this afternoon.
I have a thing about running water.  I'm absolutely fascinated by creeks, rivers, oceans, whatever.  I also really like the zoo, because it give me a chance to capture animal pics that I wouldn't normally be able to get.  Because we all know that my people don't camp or sweat or do anything unpleasant like that.  (And hippos and bears not behind glass are scary.)

 I'll spare you another thousand flower pictures.  I do love how nature is typically much more cooperative than your average four-year old.
But Dad wasn't wrong about the kid thing.  Even if I never meant to take it, and I've used it here before, but this will forever be one of my all-time best pictures.
I may not be a pro, but I think that if you truly love something, knowledge isn't the most important thing--heart is.


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