Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Busy, Busy

First of all, did you watch the Tonys?  Am I the only Midwestern girl who gets keyed up about this particular awads show?  How could you not be?  Did you see this...
Or this?
Or this? (Written by In The Heights writer, Lin-Manuel Miranda)

I am going to watch the whole thing with my sister tomorrow, but it was awesome!  Meanwhile, yesterday I took my grandma to the doctor and pretty much spent all day waiting.  She's 81, with a high fever, and we waited for almost three hours just to be seen by her doctor.  Apparently this isn't that odd at her doctor's office, but seriously!   I was glad to help, but it was really frustrating.  By the time I got home I didn't even feel well, and I was fine when we started!  (Hence, no post yesterday.)

This morning, I had a quick engagement session (which we thankfully got in before the rain!).  (Sneak peek to come soon!)  I also ran by work to pick up a couple of things and watching some of the final rehearsal of Beta skit practice.  National Convention starts on Friday!  I also finished Tina Fey's book, one by Stacey Ballis (Good Enough To Eat), and started Jennifer Weiner's Fly Away Home!  Needless to say you have some reviews coming this week too!

Lookout for Wednesday Hodgepodge tomorrow!


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