Sunday, June 12, 2011

Important Life Lessons Learned This Weekend

  1. A clean house will put Delilah in a terrible mood.  (She is not a fan of change, nor losing her bed atop Mt. Laundry.)  Add company if you want to really hack her off.
  2. Never grocery shop when hungry.  You will buy more food than you could ever really need.  And then you will eat all of it.
  3. The perfect bread and oil recipe has to have a little bit of garlic salt.  And a lot of cheese.
  4. Sonic makes the best ice ever!   (But maybe buying three bags at once is unnecessary.)
  5. There is nothing better than wasting the morning watching sitcoms and eating cresent rolls with a bestie. 
  6. Day-old sangria is basically prison hooch.  Don't drink it, no matter how pretty and inviting it seems.
  7. If you ask God to come in a big way during the morning worship service, expect that He's going to show up. 
  8. Tina Fey is the funniest, smartest entertainer in the business.  Period.  And she also writes a pretty good book (review to come this week). 
  9. You can buy talent, but you can't buy heart (looking at you, Miami Heat).
  10. The best thing about summer vacation is the freedom for a little self-indulgence without guilt. 


  1. Heeehee @ prison hooch. I've never had sangria, but I will make a note not to try any that is a day old.

    You can just buy the ICE at Sonic?! I want three bags immediately! Do you have to have a special invitation or can you just go through the drive-through and order ice? I love their ice. This has made me feel a little hyper... like I need to drive there immediately.

  2. At our local one, you can just buy them for like $2.00 a bag! It makes me so happy!


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