Monday, June 27, 2011


Today, I've been feeling pretty nostalgic.  There are probably several reasons for this, but I will get to that.  First, I will show a lot of embarrassing pictures from high school.  I wasn't close friends with a lot of the girls I went to school with.  I mean, we were friends, but we didn't hang out on the weekends.  Weekends were reserved for my girls, who all went to a neighboring school.  This is the oldest picture I have of Kristi and Holly.  We were on the retreat I talked about here.  (And I won't bust her out, but the friend who made the sex comment is totally in the following picture!)
 Here's Kristi and her boyfriend (now husband) at the fair.  He was a part of our little circle too (in fact, it was hard to find pictures he wasn't in, as you will see!)
 And here I am with Nikki, who I've known since we played Barbie during Mass as little girls.  Well, I played with Barbies and she got in trouble for playing with me because she's older and was supposed to be paying attention!  (Please forgive me the overalls. It was 1997.)
 The Riverboat Ball was always one of the big events when we were in high school.  I never competed but all the other girls did.  It was a great excuse to get dressed up and dance.

Kristi's High School Graduation
 Please ignore Holly.  She doesn't mean to look like a supermodel, but seriously, she still does.  Luckily, it's the only annoying thing about her.
 I looked at these pictures (and a lot of other ones) today.  These girls were the ones who helped form me, just as much as Sheena and Crys did in my college years.  We shared experiences that were unique, amazing and sometimes, sad.  I've been thinking a lot about the girls in the pictures and what they would have to say about the women we've become.  It's such a crazy thing to think about.  We are all incredible women, if I do say so myself.  But I don't think the girls in the pictures could have possibly imagined the things that we'd face between then and now.  I don't know that they could have grasped the two marriages, four kids, countless dramas, small and large.  I don't think they would believe that we would grow apart for a while, and then back together a bit; how we'd live so close together, and have to plan to see each other in the midst of our crazy lives.  (Kristi and I had to go all the way to Nashville to get in a visit during Beta Convention, despite living just miles apart.)  I'd like to think the girls would be proud of us now.  I know I am. 

Of all the things that have happened, one we never would have imagined was losing one of our friends.  Five years ago today, Joda passed away from skin cancer.  She was pregnant when they found it, had a healthy baby girl, and then fought that cancer with everything she had.  Her loss will forever be one of the reasons I hate this awful disease.  I wasn't as close to her as the other girls because we didn't go to school together, but she was a part of us.  She came to the birthday parties, the proms, made memories with us.  She was funny and spirited, a great athlete, a wife and a mom and it's unfair that she isn't here with us.  And I just didn't want to let today go by without saying so out loud. 

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  1. Wow! Those are some old pictures!! I am so glad we all have those memories to look back on and especially, Joda Lea, we all will never forget! I think we all know now how lucky we are to have each other then and now, close or far, we will always have each other!

    Great page lady!

    Kristi Britton


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