Monday, June 27, 2011

Prayer Monday -- 6/27

I had planned to post later this morning, at a respectable hour after a restful night's sleep, but a pack of wild dogs behind the tire center had other plans.  So, here I am.

I'm not sure what I need this week.  Is that okay to admit?  Summer is slow for me, there's hardly anything going on.  Which means that there are few pressing needs in my life.  I guess that's good, right?  What I really need right now is focus.  In my walk with God, as I begin to work on curriculum for next year, as I work on trying to be healthy---lots and lots of focus. 

I also have one prayer request that I have to keep personal (because it's not mine to share) but is very close to my heart.  I pray that God will continue to work in that situation.

That's all I have.   If it wasn't 5:30, maybe I would have been more eloquent, but probably not.  Prayer Monday is an open group, so if you are interested, join us!  We'd love to have you!


  1. Focus. I understand the need for that so I'm praying for God to draw you close to His heart and help you focus this week. Love ya!

  2. I stopped by and prayed for focus and whatever the personal prayer request was :)

    I'll get a post up for my birthday sometime this week. But first, we can prayer for warmth and no rain :)

  3. I am praying for your personal request and that God will use your slow summer time to bless your socks off!! :)


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