Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kids and Animals

 Photography is one of my favorite hobbies.  But the more pictures I take, the more I am discovering that I have serious preferences.  My favorite subjects?  Kids and animals.  Like Tara's fur baby, Spencer, for instance.  I know what you are thinking.  Are you crazy?  Who would rather deal with kids rather than adults?  But what women is going to let you take her picture with no makeup and curlers?  And just look at those eyes. 

 I don't really know what it is about animals.  I mean, you should know by now that I have a thing about birds.  I love the simplicity of an animal just hanging out, doing its thing.  These hummingbirds weren't even bothered by my presence or my camera.
 And I mean, seriously, what's cuter than a little kid smiling? 
 Maybe this guy?  (He's sooo fluffy!)

 What is comes down to is that kids and animals aren't worried about that 15 pounds they meant to lose or if their hair is just right.  They don't do that weird no-smile thing that guys tend to do.  And a subject that isn't self-conscious makes it so much easier to be the photographer.  Who wouldn't want to take pictures of a face like this?


  1. My Spencer! He looks so handsome!

  2. That's because he is! That's one I took while you guys were home. It looks a lot like one I took in SC when we were there!


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