Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jaime's Guest Post -- Part One

It's time for a guest post!  I can't wait for you to meet my friend, Jaime (who will be here today and tomorrow while I am going back to work!).  I still remember the first time that I met Jaime, though she probably doesn't.  I was maybe 14, and I remember thinking that she had the prettiest red hair I had ever seen and I wanted to be cool like that when I grew up (Though she is not that much older than me).  It was years later that I actually got to know her a little, and I have found her to be one of the most genuinue people that I have the pleasure of knowing.  She is who she is--an art teacher/hairdresser/photographer/all-around awesome lady!  (In other words, I would still love to be like her when I grow up!) 

Jaime will be talking a little more about what's going on in her life tomorrow (I'll give you a hint:  She's getting married in October!), but this is a piece that she wrote on March 19, 2010, declaring exactly what she wanted when the right man came around.  And people, let me tell you God delivered!

I've Decided That...

by Jaime Plemon

Someday, I will be pursued by someone who isn't bothered by my inability to spell and the fact that I have never fully learned my multiplication tables. Someone will like my naturally curly hair and share my dislike of insane heat and humidity. My political incorrectness (I also make up words that I can't spell) will be appreciated, as well as my insane fear of heights.

I can't stand Kirstie Alley and I don't care who knows. I won't appologize for the people in my life because I don't hang on to people I need to apologize for. I'm probably taken the wrong way constantly because I treat people I've just met like I've known them forever and have decided that I can't be paranoid about being perceived as anything other than who I know I am.

I hate seeing celebrity's stylists using products you can buy at Wal-Mart because they are fakes and would never do such a thing.

I'm a hopeless romantic and think that some day I'll come home to someone who takes the trash out without me asking a thousand times and may even pick (not buy) me some flowers every now and then.

I'd rather see a person in a movie get hurt than an animal, not that I value animals lives over humans, it's just that I feel the animals aren't given a choice.

I say I don't believe in Valentine's Day because it's cheesy but deep down doesn't every girl secretly want the fairy tale? My favorite movies always end happy and I laugh all by myself at things that probably aren't funny to most people. I laugh waaaayyyy too long at inappropriate times and love when others do the same! My dreams are insane and sometimes effect the first part of my day. 

Someday, the fact that I've been married won't change how someone feels about me and people will realize that that which does not kill us really and truly does make us stronger. My manic moments are spurred by a load of sadness and disappointment in my life that I'm working through and I personally think that says a lot more than never being effected...

I always think that when I get stuck behind a tractor that's going 35 mph in a no passing zone that God must be protecting me from something down the road. I listen to the same song 20 times in a row and still don't know the words because I can't hear worth a crap. Cloudy days are just as worthy of reaaaallllly loud music as sunny days.

I love beards, glasses, scarves and flip flops on boys and not necessairly all at the same time. I want to live off of Diet Coke even though I've not had any for nearly a year and I have to force myself to eat veggies. I want to have a daughter and name her a boy's name and allow her to dress however she wants and if anyone questions me as a parent as a result then I'll know for sure they don't need to be in my life.

I think spitting is the absolute grossest thing in the entire world and I'm as organized as a gnat. I have a crush on Ellen and if that's not ok then I'm sorry...actually I'm not. I wish I could memorize movie lines word for word but my brain doesn't work like that and I hate to do dishes. Is there a connection??? Probably...

If you've read this whole thing your just as insane as me and we are clearly meant to be in each others lives. :) Go out, enjoy being who God created you to be and don't appoligize for it. He doesn't make mistakes.

Jaime...that's JaIme...not JaMie, did I mention I hate when people I know spell my name wrong?? :D


  1. Dear Jaime,
    I think every word of this is amazing, and I agree 1,000%! Thank you for being you!

  2. this on Facebook when she it again today and still LOVE it!!!

  3. When I was a kid and I first met her, I thought, "Wow. She's really cool." Now I just hope to develop her unapologetic honesty.

  4. This is SO Jaime! Never be anyone but who you are. God created you as a refreshing, bold, loving, joy bringing ray of sunshine. So glad you are part of me. <3

  5. Katie - I truly enjoy your blog and today was no exception. Thanks for making my days brighter! And, good job Jaime! :)

  6. Did I write this? Couldn't have more in common if I tried.

  7. I am loving the outburst of love and empowerment coming out of this post! And better yet--there's more to come tomorrow!


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