Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Weekend (Now With 30% More Pictures)

Before I start talking about my jam-packed weekend, I want to take a minute to share a moment of student ingenuity with you.  This, people, is the Justin Bieber bow, which I found in one of my classes.  It was made by one of my students for her friend who has the worst case of Bieber Fever I've ever seen.  I actually stopped class so I could take a picture and share it with you because I thought it was so funny.  So, enjoy.
 Moving on...Saturday, I slept in then did very little of anything for a while.  I watched Burlesque (stop rolling your eyes, we all have our guilty pleasures) and then a few episode of Everwood Season Four before I started getting ready to head to town because I had actual plans.  I met Amber for steaks and a little culture, because we had tickets to see Straight No Chaser, the acapella group from Indiana University.  I have loved them since I found them on YouTube.  What?  You don't know what I'm talking about?  Check out this video:

This isn't great quality, but it was one of the only ones that included the guys we saw.  SNC started in 1998 at IU and when one guy graduates, he names his successor.  You can find a bunch of videos of the orignal guys (who are also in the piece above) if you want to see more.  They were so fun!  Amber and I even managed to survive the opening act, which was made up of a bunch of Fine Arts students from the college hosting the event.  (Though we may have shed a few tears from laughter!)  All in all, it was a great night!  You can't beat great seats and a bunch of guys who know how to sing!  (Note to Amber: You can totally see the adorable bass guy in the video!)

On Sunday after church, I went with Sheena and her Precious, plus his parents (who are like my second parents) to get lunch as per the usual.  We ate a great little local place, and then Sheena, Debbie and I went to run some errands.   Before heading home, we stopped at a cafe known for its awesome desserts and I found this sign that cracked me up:
 and ate this French Silk Pie, which made me unbearably happy, but proves that I did not eat the Weight Watchers plan much this weekend.  (Though tomorrow is another day!) 
And while I should be working on lesson plans, I have mostly been setting up blog posts for the week and looking for videos of Straight No Chaser on YouTube, because I'm a pro at avoidance behaviors.

What did you do over the weekend?

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  1. mmmm that pie looks amazing and the bieber bow cracks me up! One of my students got a framed, photoshopped photo of herself and bieber for her birthday last year. it was her favourite possession! such a crack-up!

    My weekend included reading a WHOLE novel!
    I also watched my friend play netball in the rain, cleaned, cooked (this rarely happens), met some potential tenants for my house for next year and played carcassonne with my mummy.

    I love post-school-inspection weekends! There is so much free time and so little work to do! ahhh bliss!


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