Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2 On Tuesday: Deserted Island

This may be the week of memes.  Normally, I love talking to (at) you about the things going on in my life, but I still don't feel well, and I just don't have a great deal to say about much of anything.  Thankfully, Andrea had a great question for us today....

2 on Tuesday

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what two items would you wish to have with you? (I know you’ll have more than two. I would have one million. It’s ok if you share more than two.)

I'm what some might call high maintenance.  The rest would probably just call a spade a spade and say needy.  Either way, this deserted island thing is going to require some packing.

Let's just assume that I had my beach gear on the plane and it washed up next to me, so sunscreen, towels, one of those umbrellas...all there.  And my Burt's Bees, of which I have one in all of my purses, my makeup bag and usually a pants pocket.

Of course, I will also need someone to um...talk to (I'm a family-friendly blog after all...tee hee).  Andrea stole my first-round pick of Ryan Gosling, and since she's hosting I guess I won't try to come up with a scenario where poor Ryan's rescue plan crashes, finding him on my island.  My second-round pick would be any one of the following three:  Chris Evans ("Well, hello, Captain America.  Fancy meeting you here."),  Justin Timberlake (he can sing, he can dance, he's adorable), and Stanley Tucci (He's my "old man crush."  Shut up.).

If I'm traveling, chances are I would also have my bestie, Amber, with me, though we would need separate huts so we don't get all stabby.  And besides, Chris/Justin/Stanley and I will need our alone time.

A few good hair ties and my iPod (and charger) and I would be good to go.  Well, good enough.


  1. I'll take a a little bit of Justin on the side of my Ryan Reynolds. YUMMY!!!

  2. @Impulsive Addict I can't believe I forgot about Ryan Reynolds! Smart, cute and funny is the best combo!

  3. Your list just made my day!!! Stanley is my "old man" crush too.

  4. Caught the 2 on Tuesday blog hop!

    I seem to see a theme with the sunblock/sunscreen which is awesome! Apparently, I forget about the hottie on my list becasue w/out a razor... OH NO! Nobody is getting next to these legs and pits! LMAO

    Great blog!

    Bren @ www.fourleggedmom.com

  5. Justin Timberlake would definitely be my choice! :)

  6. Great thoughts and items to bring.. Stopping by 2 from Tuesday...

  7. oh heck yeah, Justin is hot and funny. entertainment and eye candy all rolled in to one, make for some good "conversation"

    feel better, cute blog, glad i stopped in from 2 on Tuesday.

  8. stanley tucci? you crack me up. let's see... my old man crush would be tom selleck. I know, weird!


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