Monday, September 12, 2011

Prayer Monday - 9/12

This is going to be short because I am sick (like took a sick day from work kind of sick).  But I really want to ask for your prayers for Sheena and her Precious this week as they go to look for a place to live in their new city.  I know that God is going to continue to provide for them.  I also wouldn't mind a few prayers for the rest of us, as it became so real yesterday after her bridal shower that this is really happening, no matter how hard we (I) might try to ignore it and pretend it's not.

Still trying to figure out what's next when it comes to a church home.  God's made it clear that it's time to move on, but I still don't have a lot of anwers as to what is next. 

Even if I don't get a chance to comment, I want each of you to know that I am praying for you ladies as well.


  1. Ronnie and I had our ugly cry in the middle of the McDonald's parking lot last night. He reminded me that change, while painful, is also really exciting.

    So I'm lending that to you. And praying for you. And truly hoping you find somewhere to "be." That's all I want for Chris and I so I want it for you, too.

  2. First off I am praying for you to feel better!! I have also been praying for Sheena and Ronnie.

    Looking for a church home is so hard. I will pray that God will speak clearly to you and give you a peace about where you belong.

  3. Stopped by to pray for you this week


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