Friday, September 2, 2011

Kelly's Show Us Your Life: My Favorite Blogs

It's pretty easy to find out what my favorite blogs are because I list them in the sidebar, but I figured that maybe I could take a few minutes and tell you why I think a few of these blogs are so great. 

Disclaimer:   All of the blogs in my sidebar are great (I promise, click on every last one.  You'll love them!), but I didn't want this post to take me all day so I am taking a random sampling of awesome (Two from my real life and a sampling from my internet peeps)!  If I didn't pick you, it's not because I don't love you just as much as the other kids, I promise.  But my goal, like always, is to try to keep from boring people to death with my incessant droning.

Local Bloggers (My Real-Life Peeps):

A Life In Ordinary:  My friend, Crys, is an amazing writer.  (Seriously, she makes me look bad.)  She's hilarious and honest and all of those things that make a must-read blogger.  She's also a lot of fun to shop with because we have similar taste and she will guard the gates of Sephora if I must be kept out to avoid my own financial destruction.  (A very valuable trait in my friends, trust me!)

cette demoiselle mascarades comme un cusiniere: I am not a chef.  Luckily, Casey is masquerading as one.  Her recipes are easy enough even I could follow them.  (But I would rather just let her work her magic and enjoy the results!)  I think everyone should be reading her, because how else am I going to become a personal assistant for someone with her own show on The Food Network?

My Internet Peeps (We Don't Know Each Other For Real, But God Bless the Internet): 

The Lumberjack's Wife:  When I grow up, I want to be like Taylor (even though we are mere weeks from being the same age), except maybe with less camping and children breaking their glasses.  She is a homeschooling, elk preparing, canning jam superstar!  And she's so very funny, sometimes unintentionally.  (Plus, she was one of the first people I "met" through the interwebs and she has been such an encourager!)

Ministry So Fabulous! :  Minus more recent developments (the foster kids and British boyfriend), there have been many times where I feel like Amy Beth and I are living  parallel lives.  We share of love of big hair and the South, have similar taste in TV and find the same things heartbreaking and/or amusing.  She's a great writer and a better person.

People I Love But Have No Clue Who I Am:

matt, liz, and madeline :  I found Matt's blog not long after he had lost his wife.  I couldn't stop reading about his journey, and have continued to follow him ever since.  Matt's honesty, humor and love of music and the awesome-beyond-her-years Madeline can't help but win your heart.  (Plus he's a pretty great photographer, too!)

Rants From Mommyland :  I am not a mom, nor do I have any real intention of becoming one soon.  But I know funny when I read it.  "Kate" and "Lydia" crack me up, and they have some of the most fantastic guest bloggers around, like this post about teaching kindergarten.  (Plus, I have totally picked up some of their catchphrases, my favorite being "Suck it, fancy!")

Wish You Were Here - Bethany Joy Galeotti has been a major part of my early to mid 20s, as she plays Haley on One Tree Hill, my favorite guilty pleasure.  But this blog shows that she is more than a beautiful face.  She has a mix of tips, interviews, her wardrobe picks and other general blogging goodness.  I'm always willing to read a blog where it makes me want to be friends with the person writing.

I look forward to reading everyone else's favorite blogs too!  Maybe I will find a few more to add to my list!


  1. Ooh - those sound awesome. I'm gonna go check them out! (Except for Taylor, I already know she's awesome.)

  2. Thanks for the shout-out Katie! I owe you a pie or something - you're always bragging on me when I'm just a slacker! lol

  3. I never would have known Bethany Joy Galeotti had a blog out there. I'm now following that b/c I love her. Thanks!

  4. I read Taylor's blog too! Its hilarious! So glad I stopped by, I have loved reading your blog!
    - Tiffany

  5. Over from Kelly's Korner and have been enjoying exploring your blog!

  6. i'm going to check those out! thanks for sharing!


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