Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's Thursday! Let's Make a List!

  • Today's random quote:  "Sometimes you've got to let go of the dream and love life for the yodeling goatherd it is."   Thank you, Kristin Chenoweth, thank you!
  • To say that I am excited about the impending three-day weekend seems like a serious understatement.  I am looking forward to sleeping in and doing my laundry in the middle of day.  And movie night with Amber on Sunday (When Harry Met Sally, anyone?)! 
  • Speaking of things I am excited about, after most of this week hitting the high 90s, it's not even supposed to get above 80 on Monday!  Fall weather cometh! (and hopefully, stay-eth!)
  • I'm still trying to decide how I am going to celebrate my 30th birthday in October.  For a while, I was thinking low key, then big party, then something in the middle.  Now I don't have any idea what I want, other than a good time with my friends.  Thoughts?
  • Dinner with friends is definitely the way to right an otherwise crappy day.  I had a headache and was just generally in a yuck mood when I got to BHG, but by the time Amber and I left I was wound up and laughing!   (Of course, I was mostly laughing at Amber, but that's a story for another time...)
  • I'm typing this on my lunch break and am pretty sure I just fell asleep sitting up.  I'm really ready for the crazy dreams to stop.  They aren't really nightmares, but they are super realistic and really freaking me out.
  • I've decided to become the kind of girl who is up for whatever random adventure presents itself.  I've always wanted to be that kind of girl, but I've never been brave enough.  I think that approaching 30 is giving me that courage.
  • I need a new book to read.  Anyone got any suggestions?
  • Join me tomorrow when I actually (finally) review The Help movie.
  • Tonight, I am going back to exercising every day.  Leslie Sansone, I am not ready to do this.  But if I am going to lose 25 pounds by New Year's, it has to be done.  I will let you know how that goes.


  1. That's an interesting list :)

    I’d like to invite you to add your blog to theFamily Friendly Blog List

  2. I think birthdays should be celebrated in as big a way as you can get your friends to go along with. I pushed my birthday to a "birthday month" one year and people went along with it, but I think I burned them out so I am back to a "birthday week"... I'll survive... I'm sure.

  3. A story for another time is a story for never.

  4. @Amber Have you not noticed that when I say "a story for another time" I mean I have no intention of actually telling the story.

  5. love your hair! your profile picture is too cute!

    what kind of books do you like to read? I might have some recommendations.

    i can't wait to see the help!

  6. @AndreaLeigh Thanks for the hair compliment! My hair is ever-changing, but as soon as my friend's wedding happens, then the hair in the picture is what I am probably going back to.

    I will read just about anything, but I usually read memoirs or "chick lit." I would love to hear your recommendations! The Help was so good that I saw it twice in the same weekend! I got stalled on the review, so look for it Monday!


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