Monday, September 26, 2011

Prayer Monday - 9/26

I had the best weekend.  (Seriously, so much fun!)  But, unfortunately, the weekend is over and it's time to be back at work molding the minds of America or something of that nature.  And despite my ridiculously long nap yesterday, I am so tired.  Good news is it's my birthday week, which means I should be able to muster enough excitement to carry me through!

Now, what was I doing...oh yeah, trying to formulate this into something that looks like a Prayer Monday post.  Sheena's hubby-to-be left for Ohio yesterday.  I've said a million times that this is the right thing, but I am not enjoying all of this change actually coming to pass.  Please be with Ronnie as he adjusts to a new work environment and a new city.  And pray for Sheena as she enters the home stretch of this whole wedding/moving thing.  It's coming so much faster than we realize.

I would also ask that you continue to pray for the situation I mentioned last week.  I would love to see good things come from this rough situation, and am praying that God gives an opening to do that.  I am also believing that God is going to deliver a miracle to a dear friend of mine, and I ask for your prayers for her and her family in the waiting.

I'm still looking for a new church family, too.  I will be testing more options out soon, and am praying for confirmation from God for the right one.  I want nothing more than to be where He wants me.


  1. Praying for you in the waiting...

  2. Praying, friend. Happy Birthday week!

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