Monday, October 31, 2011

Miranda Lambert, Ya'll!

A week ago Thursday night (I'm only a little over a week behind, which is better than average!), I finally got to see Miranda Lambert in concert.  I am a huge fan and have been looking forward to this concert since I found out about it in the summer.  Let me tell you this, Miranda did not disappoint (and neither did the Pistol Annies, Justin Moore or the Randy Rogers Band).

Not to mention the great company!  This is my sister and her bestie and my mama was with us too, but I didn't get a picture! 
 We were sitting directly opposite the stage, which meant that we weren't super close, but we could see everything.  I loved it!  If I wasn't a Miranda Lambert fan before, I would have been after her show!  She was just unbelievable.  I would easily rank it second only to James Taylor as far as fun goes.  And her new album drops at midnight and I can't wait to hear it!  (In fact, I already ordered it from iTunes!) 

"Everybody dies famous in a small town..."  We know a little something about that song in these parts!
 If you haven't heard the Pistol Annies, you should totally give them a listen!  They are a fresh breath of old-school country!
What a great night!  Just thinking about it makes me smile!


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