Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2 on Tuesday: Halloween Costumes

2 on Tuesday

Tell me your 2 favorite Halloween costumes! Did you celebrate Halloween this year?

I was the kind of kid who was always playing dress-up, so I don't necessarily have a lot of difference between what was a halloween costume and what wasn't.  But I will gladly show you a few pictures.  This one is of my first Halloween where I was big enough to participate (about 13 months).  I like how unsure I look about all of this business.
If I were to pick a favorite costume, I would have to say it was this one.  I was Cyndi Lauper, circa 1985 (which made me five).  My mom cut the wig, I got to wear makeup and fishnets, and I don't even look skanky.  (Take note, child costume makers!) 
And this is your bonus picture, not because I was a particularly good clown (this was before Mom did the face painting), but because all I really remember about that year was that when my little brother saw me in my costume (his matched), he was so scared of it, Mom left him at Grandma's while I trick-or-treated.  (He was only two, so there wasn't a lot of psychological scarring or anything from not getting to go!)

 As far as this year, I celebrated the traditional way--you know, passing out candy to kindergarteners in the hallway before their costume parade and then going to a junior high basketball game last night.  I'm kind of over the whole costume thing, so this made for a perfectly lovely evening.  Both teams even won!  I do have to say that I can't wait until next year when my niece will be here and in costume! 

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  1. cyndi lauper - you look GREAT!

    sorry i am just now coming by - life has been crazy! thank you so much for participating!


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