Friday, October 14, 2011

To Sheena, On The Day Before Your Wedding:

Dear Friend,

It's really here.  All this time spent waiting, not just through your engagement but those years before that, and your day has finally come.  It will be perfect and beautiful, even if not a single thing goes as planned, because you are marrying the man you are supposed to be with.  (But here's hoping that it's those things because everything goes right, okay?)
Try to imagine a dress and veil here...
Up until this point it hasn't seemed real.  That's how I've kept it together through the fittings and the shopping and the showers, because this day was still a long way off.  It's easier to deal with things when it's some date in the future and not tomorrow.  It's not your wedding that has me all messed up, of course.  It's what happens after, when the prince comes and sweeps you off to the magical land of Ohio.  That I have a problem with.  I'm on board with how it's where God is clearly showing you're supposed to be.  My issue is that it's entirely too far away from me.  Who will go to get cookies with me in the middle of a summer afternoon?  Who will sing all the Broadway songbook with me in the car on the way there?  How in the world do I begin to fill that kind of a void?  That's the part I find so unfair. 

Oh, the DM photo shoots...the ultimate one being tomorrow.
To say that I will miss you seems like the understatement of the year.  You are a sister of the heart, one of the big sisters that God didn't give me through biology but through His Grace and perfect timing.  And while I know that you will still be a huge part of my life (thank you, Al Gore for the internets!), I also know that it won't ever be quite the same.  Life moves on at what I am finding to be an alarming rate, and that means changes, like it or not.  (Let me go on the record as being in the not camp on this one.)  But what I am finding is that these changes make all the times we have had that much sweeter. 

If ever a photo was to describe the real us...
Who could forget some of the crazy things our 'cord of three' have gotten ourselves into?  We've sang together in some unbelievable circumstance, some for their hilarity and some for the bigness of the God that brought us together.  There are stories I can't wait to share with the next generation, and a few that we should probably keep to ourselves.  But, at the heart of the matter, is how much I love you and how happy I am for you and how much I am going to miss you.  I can't wait for the events of the next three days and at the same time, I hope they go by so slowly. 

With all my heart,



  1. Thank you. Words can't describe how much I'm going to miss "us"...and cookies...and singing the Broadway songbook. I'm honored to have you as a friend and sister. I love you very much!

  2. Why do you girls always make me cry! You sing and I cry, you speak craziness and I laugh 'til I cry. Since this act is cleansing no matter how it is delivered, I will expect you to keep it up until the end of my time on this earth. Yes, there are changes in life that may send us in different directions, but Friendship like this merely sees it as an inconvenience. The bond can never be broken, "for such a time as this." Love you all!

    Aunt Sandy


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