Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge - 10/19

1. How do you typically react in a sudden, extreme, pressure-filled crisis? Would we want you nearby in an emergency?

I am actually pretty good in an emergency as long as I don't think too much about what is happening.  My first year of teaching I walked out of my classroom door and into a fight between two large 8th graders.  One kid got his chin split open, and I was fine until after the situation was dealt with and then I was pretty freaked out. 

2. Caramel apple-caramel sundae-caramel corn-caramel macchiato...of the four, which carmel treat would you choose?

Caramel apple or caramel corn.  I can totally leave the other two.

3. Is there such a thing as destiny? Explain.

Such a tricky little question.  I believe that God has a plan for our lives.  Some people might call that destiny, but I don't really know that it's the same thing.  Opinions?  Thoughts?

4. What's your favorite piece of furniture? I'm referring to something currently in your possession as opposed to something on your wish list.

I love my big couches.  I also have a bookshelf that belong to my maternal great-grandmother and while it needs a little TLC before I use it, it's neat to have something with some family history.

5. Wednesday night marks the start of the 2011 Baseball World Series. Did you know? Do you care? Will you be watching? Ever been to a professional baseball game? If you're not an American do you find the title 'World Series' annoying or amusing?

I definitely know and care about the World Series because my family members are huge St. Louis Cardinals fans.  I have been to several games, all at the old Busch Stadium, and there's just nothing like the energy of St. Louis baseball.  I will probably be watching, but even if I don't, I'm sure that my news feed will be burning up with updates from all my Cardinal-loving friends!

6. A sound that takes me back to my childhood is___the sound of waves on the beach_________.

We took a lot of family vacations to the beach.  My mom always said it's the place where she's the happiest and I totally get that because I am the same way.

7. On average, once you've linked your hodgepodge post to mine how many other participant blogs do you visit? Do you ever come back to the Hodgepodge later in the day or even the day after to read posts?

I usually don't have a chance to read the posts when I link up in the morning, but I do try to come back and visit and comment on at least a few others who have linked up.  I also try to visit people who comment on my blog posts.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Tomorrow night I am going to see Miranda Lambert live and in concert and I can hardly wait!!  She's one of my favorite performers and I've never gotten to see her until now!  And I get to go with my mama and sister!


  1. I also love the beach which is semi funny since I grew up in the desert but there is just something so relaxing to me about it.
    Have fun at the concert it sounds like a total blast !!

  2. It's funny - I grew up next to the beach (well, across the road from it) and yet it didn't even occur to me as a childhood memory. Perhaps that's because I've always lived within a few minutes of the water - I think I take it for granted now.

  3. Since I am reading Hodgepodge posts a day late, that means that TONIGHT you are going to see Miranda! Soooooo jealous! Hope you have an awesome time :)

  4. Miranda Lambert! How fun! Enjoy the concert-I'm sure she'll be good.


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