Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Wedding and The Reception

Buckle down.  It's going to be a long one with mucho pictures.  If you missed the first installment, click here.  We had finally reached the big day!  (Art courtesy of official wedding photographer and old friend, David Michael Webb.)  Sheena, Sheena's mom, Crys, and I all went to see Jaime, who graciously agreed to still do our hair, even though she's a full-time art teacher and soon-to-be bride and not 'doing hair' anymore.  Visiting with her while she worked her magic on us definitely set a fun tone for the day!
This is her adorable pup, also named Katie, who was just so sweet sleeping in the window I couldn't resist sharing the picture!
Here's the bride all done up!  The only thing she was missing was her gorgeous dress and the groom!  I have to say that Sheena was quite seriously one of the most calm and relaxed brides I've ever seen.  We laughed and just generally had a good time the whole day.
A couple of things that Sheena and Ronnie chose to go a little more non-traditional on were 1) Having a photo book for guests to sign instead of just a regular guest book that you will put in a closet and never see again... (my SIL and brother did the same thing and it was such a sweet memory book)
and 2) have a peanut butter and jelly unity sandwich.  Stop laughing, I am totally not kidding!  (When I put this picture up on Facebook, people though it was something we did just for rehearsal.  Boy, were they surprised!)   It, like most everything with Sheena and Ronnie, started as a joke and grew into to something more.  It matched the humor and sweetness of the entire ceremony perfectly.
Here's the groom with his mama, who looked pretty darn fabulous for a woman who was not the bride!
The moms sharing a laugh before the ceremony.  I love this picture!  I think it looks like a still from their new sitcom--very Laverne and Shirley-esque.
Speaking of pictures I love--I have known these two since the day they were born and couldn't resist getting this shot!  The little socks sticking out and the basket between her was almost too much!
Here's the bride a few minutes before she became a Mrs.  We waited in the church office so that we could see everyone coming in though the little window in the door and so Sheena wouldn't have to navigate the stairs in her heels.  We have become masters at draping wedding dresses over folding chairs.
Since we had a little wait time, we taught the kiddos to make funny faces!  Not even this could keep them from being absolutely adorable!
After a some "I do's" and a little ring exchanging it was on to the reception!  Here's a glimpse of the wedding cake!  It tasted even better than it looked!
And a few shots of the party and the party people!  Crys and I took this of ourselves.  I discovered the secret to a good self-portait is long arms.  (Which I do not have and explain so much about so many bad pictures from my past!)

The bride and her little brother
Dancing the night away
The groom serenaded his bride with a little "Don't Stop Believing."  It was one of the evening's highlights!  I had a bunch of pictures from it but here are two of my favorite!

The crowd looks on in wonder and hilarity...
Casey, accomplished cook and emphatic dancer.
"Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting..."
Mama and youngest son dancing. 
All in all, it was an excellent weekend.  Now all we had left was packing up the gifts and saying goodbye...


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