Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pop Culture Round-Up

Normally on Thursdays I make a list, but since I am a little low on list material with everything going on this week, I decided we would take a short stop over for a little entertainment news.  I know that I shouldn't care about this stuff, that there are wars and economic issues and people occupying things, but sometimes you just need something that is so light it's ridiculous.  So, consider this your dose for the day...

Kancel the Kardashians? -  There is a petition going around that the E! Network should stop airing shows about the Kardashian family.  I would say that I'm all for it, but then who would I mock?  I'm not a huge reality TV fan anyway, and I don't watch their shows (unless I'm with Amber), but I could do with a little less K-Dash in my life.  Also, please stop using the letter K in words that do not begin with one.  Thanks!

Justin Bieber is NOT the Father! Or maybe he is? -- Originally, it was reported yesterday that Justin's accuser was going to drop her paternity suit.  Maybe we will still get a Maury-style moment for the big reveal, but it would seem that Justin's accuser hasn't fully realized that, if her claim proved true, she could be prosecuted.  If I were his publicist, I would have disbatched this mess already, but here's hoping that Justin can get back to making mid-grade pop music soon without all the drama.

Bradley Cooper named People's Sexiest Man Alive - I think he's really handsome with his icy blue eyes and his day-old stubble, but for me this came out of nowhere.  Has he really had a better year than the also delictible Ryan Gosling?  I mean, did you see Crazy, Stupid, Love?   His abs alone should elevate his status, forget when he's all smoldery and awesome!  This issue is probably one of my favorite all year, because there's nothing as much fun a page after page of eye candy. 

Adele feeling good after throat surgery  - She's one of my favorite singers ("Someone Like You" is practically a personal anthem), but she's been downed with a hemmoraged vocal chord.  This has to be so scary to someone with such huge talent, but she's tweeting that she's feeling great and the doctors believe she will be back and better soon! 

Breaking Dawn cometh -- I don't mean to knock on the Twi-hards, but I couldn't be any less enthused about the release of this movie.  There must be something to it, because people I love and respect are all freaking out over it, but I'm just not that into it.  The only part I really get is the whole Taylor Lautner is a big hunk of man candy part, and even that feels a little sketchy to say because I could have taught him in junior high.  I am saving my excitement for when this craze is finally over...

What is your pop culture guilty pleasure?  I know I'm not the only one.  Share your thoughts, opinions, thankfulness the week is almost over in the comments!


  1. Taylor Lautner would be man candy, except he talks. And when he talks, it's all over.

  2. I totally agree with you on all points. Ryan Gosling should have won, Twilight freaks me out, and the Kardashians have almost no impact on my life, but I wouldn't mind seeing them canceled.

    Oh, but I am starting to count down the weeks until the Bachelor premiers. So


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