Friday, November 18, 2011

It's Deer Day Already?

So, today's the first day of shotgun deer season and I don't have to work.  Sometimes being a teacher in a rural district has definite perks.  And how did it get to be the middle of Novemeber? 

Anyway, this gives me a three-day weekend, and unless something really great happens, I have decided that I will spending it away from the blog.  Rest my brain (because obviously this is sooo taxing...ha!) and get some plans together for next week.  And watch daytime TV.  You know, the finer things.   So, I will be back on Monday to tell you about Girls' Night Out, the craft fair, and whatever else the weekend holds!  I know you can hardly wait.  (And we all know that I may break this self imposed vacation at any time should I find myself with something to say or an hour to kill...)

Have a great weekend!!


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