Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Ugly Sweater Party (I'm Only A Week Behind...)

 Someone had her 26th birthday party last weekend.  And insisted we wear ugly sweaters. Who could tell this face no?
 Certainly not Casey, who brought it with not just an ugly sweater, but an embroidered demin shirt to match!
 Here we all in all our glory at the winery.  The most fun part of the night was watching other people react to us.  Some people got it and immediately called us out ("Ugly Sweater Party!  Fun!").  Others didn't know what to make of us.  Not that I can blame them.  We hit up a local winery, then had cake and pizza (in that order) and finally stopped off at our favorite local watering hole.  We actually called it a night pretty early because the birthday girl insisted she was old now, and just couldn't stay out all night like she used to. 
 My friend, Michelle, who made the Gir cake last year, made us this ugly sweater cake for the event.  She said her husband was really confused while she was working on it and just kept asking if she meant for it to look like that. 
And here's the close-up...
 Even the resident boys were good sports and went all out with their sweaters.  Why yes, those are from the ladies section.  That only makes them more awesome...
 Amber's ready for her Coach ad.  We had a great night, and I firmly believe that your 26th year will be your best yet, my dear friend!
Check in tomorrow for the baby shower pictures!


  1. That is a pretty awesome looking cake.

  2. I'm scared about photos that have not yet surfaced - and I think I say that every time I go out


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