Monday, January 30, 2012

The Key To Friends Is Picking Great Ones...

I was going to write something profound today.  Really, I was.  But then all of my favorite people keep doing it instead.  (Way to steal my thunder, ladies!)    So, what I decided to do today, for lack of a better topic (other than how cute my niece is and how I happily spent most of Saturday staring at her), is invite you to go visit these people and tell them how awesome they are. 

My friend, Crys, is currently writing about Philippians Chapter 4, Verse 8.  She's a wonderful writer anyway, but because I especially love these verses, I'm loving these posts.  And I promise that I am not just recommending this series because Part 1 essentially tells the story of how I knew Crys had met her husband.  You should totally go here to read part 1 and watch part 2

And if that isn't enough, you should totally stop by and read Jessie's blog.  She's been writing about her decision to perform a random act of kindness each week in 2012, and I'm just loving her posts.  Jessie's like our own personal Jen Lancaster and I encourage you to drop by and encourage her and her new blog.

So, there you go...go see my friends.  And I will work on being insightful later this week.

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  1. YOu make me sound better than I am. I'm curious what's going to happen when I have to move to "Whatever is Noble..." That should be a good time :)


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