Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Strange But True Facts About Me

I've seen several bloggers posting facts about themselves as part of a little meme, so I thought I would do a little intro to the quirkier things about my personality, sort of a primer in the things that are totally me, but may not be known out here in the blog world.  (Except for the thing about Words With Friends.  Anyone who has played me knows that...)
  1. I can still recite poems I learned in grade school, but I can't remember lines from movies to save my life.  Even something that I have seen a million times, I will inevitably screw up the reference.  And I'm terribly jealous of my friends who don't have that problem.
  2. If I know I am not going out anymore after I get home from work, I immediately change into my pjs, even if the sun is still out.  Nothing makes me happier.
  3. I'm not particularly proud of this one, but when you get me going, I have a bit of a potty mouth.  It's not really intentional, but it is the slightest bit hereditary.  (Sorry, Mom!)
  4. Speaking of the way I talk, I have a southern accent for no apparent reason.  No one in my family really sounds like I do.  It gets worse when I am drinking or sleepy.  (Especially when sleepy.  My "I's" get really long and drawn out.)  I also unintentionally pick up other people's accents.
  5. I have a thing about stars.  Some of my best memories have been made on gorgeous country nights.  I can't look up at them without smiling and remembering.
  6. Every year, I read the same book (The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters).  And I cry every single time.  Big, sobbing tears, like I think the story will somehow change if I read it enough.
  7. I don't believe in ESP or any of that mumbo jumbo, but I do have a weird sense when it comes to my friends meeting their husbands.  I can't even begin to explain it, but my track record speaks for itself.  I don't keep great track, but I am at least four for four.
  8. When I was four, I knew all of the words to The Big Chill soundtrack.  Nothing like a pre-schooler singing "You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman."  I love MoTown to this day, and bought the soundtrack on vinyl for my dad this Christmas as a little reminder.
  9. I'm terrible at Words With Friends.  Absolute crap.  But I continue to play anyway, because I like the idea of playing a game with people wherever they may be. 
  10. Whenever I'm driving and there's bad weather, I immediately turn down the radio.  I do the same thing if I am lost.  I have no idea why I think this helps.
  11. Despite the fact that I don't really want to have children, I have always been obsessed with names.  I even helped name one of my friend's kids (who I now have as a student in my classroom.  Talk about a full circle moment!)
If I kept at it, I could probably think of more.  If you know me, feel free to list some in the comments.  I promise I will only laugh.  Mostly.   If you don't, you can always make me feel a little less like a weirdo and list your own mini-confessions in the comments.


  1. I, too, had parents who played the Big Chill soundtrack ALL THE TIME when I was in preschool. I've watched the movie as an adult and love it, so I get what all the fuss was about! And the accent that strangely changes around people with different accents--dead on. Totally do that.

    1. Thank you, Jess, for making me feel a little more normal! I love the movie, too!

  2. In public restrooms, I use exactly 3 paper towels, no more no less. This is every.single.time.

  3. Ha I am so with you on the pyjamas thing and the weird radio turning down thing! I also find it 'helps' when I am looking for a parking spot. haha


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