Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday, Monday...

I wasn't kidding last week when I said I would be pretty quiet in the blogosphere.  I barely had time to think, much less write (not that that much thinking goes into my writing, but whatever).  But, I should note that all of the festivities went as well as I could have possibly hoped, and though I am less some rest, it was well worth it!  But on to what's happening this week, which of course, is better in list form...
  • I'm having some issues with a malfunctioning carbon monoxide detector.  My furnace has been checked and everything is fine, but the stupid thing keeps going off with no rhyme or reason.  (Like at 5:00, 5:30, and 6:00 on Sunday morning, but not a single beep the rest of the day.)  One of my friends said to try vacuuming the vent area, as maybe the sensor is just dirty, so I will try that.  If that doesn't work, guess who is getting a new detector on Tuesday.
  • I am really excited about late this week and this weekend!  First of all, it's a much needed three-day weekend.  My friend, Tara, is going to be visiting with her daughter.  I haven't seen Macy since right after she was born so, I'm chomping at the bit to hang with her and her mommy!  Plus, we have a big baby shower this weekend for another Chick, and I'm hoping to get in a little snuggle time with my favorite newborn niece.  So, here's hoping this week flies by!
  • I'm officially down to two jobs.  And while I am thankful for the opportunity to make an extra buck or two, I couldn't be happier to have just a little more downtime in the afternoons.  Just being able to decompress for an hour after my regular school day is such a blessing. 
  • Despite my lack of sleep, I did stay up to watch the Grammys.  I am so excited for Adele!  Six Grammy wins and an absolutely victorious emergence from her vocal chord surgery?  What a night!  I couldn't help but get a little teary when she won the last award and kind of lost it on stage.  That must be the most incredible feeling!  Talent wins out over showmanship in the end (looking at you, Nicki Minaj)!  Also, I have to say that I was absolutely charmed by Taylor Swift's performance of "Mean."  She's come such a long way in her live performances! 
  • And Jennifer Hudson gets her own bullet point.  To sing what is essentially one of the most difficult songs of the pop songbook, on short notice, while mourning the loss of someone whose music you looked up to?  That must have been so difficult.  But she handled it beautifully.  I'm of the opinion that we lost the iconic voice of Whitney Houston years ago, but it's still such a tragic end to a life. 
  • Did anybody go see The Vow this weekend?  I will admit I really want to see it, but I can't seem to convince anyone to go with me.  So, chances are, I will have to wait until it comes out on video.  But I would love to hear your reviews. 
Anyone do something really fun or exciting this weekend?  I mean, beside chaperoning a dance or watching all of Season 4 of The Big Bang Theory (again) while battling a malfunctioning carbon monoxide detector.  Tell me all about it in the comments!


  1. I saw the Vow. I am not the person to give my opinion, because I rarely like those kind of movies. But it wasn't bad. It also wasn't seemed like they were trying REALLY HARD to be the Notebook. Minus Ryan Gosling. But it wasn't a terrible movie, and I was basically the only one not crying, so there's that. :)

  2. I really want to see The Vow too but I'm thinking I'll have to find a girlfriend to go with me. I'd have to drug Rich first.

  3. Nicki Minaj...GAH! Don't get me started!

  4. I thought the Grammy show this year was one of the more entertaining in a long time. I know people criticize Taylor Swift but I think she's adorable and so far seems to have stayed true to herself which isn't easy in the midst of huge fame. I loved Bruno Mars : )


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