Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The One Where I Don't Write About Valentine's Day

I'm not on of those bitter girls who sits around thinking about how awful today is if you don't have a valentine.  Any holiday that encourages the giving of chocolate is okay by me.  But, in the same vein, this day isn't exactly different from any other Tuesday for me either.  For instance, these are my plans for today:  teach, grab quick supper, teach again, get grocercies, try to get to bed a decent hour.  Not exactly swimming in romantic notions over here.  However, I don't begrudge anyone else their due, so enjoy your hearts and flowers and whatnot. 

Meanwhile, I am thrilled to announce that vacuuming the carbon monoxide detector seems to have fixed the problems I was having with it over the weekend.  It also kept me from beating the crap out of it with a broom or having to purchase another one right now, so yay! 

The only other interesting (depending on your definition of that word) thing happening over here this week is that my students are working on their family tree projects.  I'm a little obsessed with the whole family tree research thing, and my students have really gotten in to this too.  Nothing makes me happier than kids coming in and telling me about all the things they didn't know before they started asking about their ancestors.  (I can't wait to see their final projects next week!)  Plus, we are watching Who Do You Think You Are, NBC's show where celebs research their pasts.  It's been on a couple of seasons, and this time they have expanded it to 12 episodes instead of just six.  I would be so cool to have a team of researchers and the funds to fly over to where my family came from!  Are any of you into genealogy?

Wishing you all a loverly day!  Back tomorrow with the Hodgepodge!


  1. You know what your Valentines sounds like mine. I am on nights at the moment, so not being at all romantic either!

  2. I love your V Day attitude. Better to be solo today than in a going nowhere relationship, right?


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