Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More Pictures I Haven't Shown You

Consider this the Miss M Edition!  I didn't realize that I had so many goodies to share with you, but here we go.  Here we are when she was less than one day old!
 The Divine Miss M and two of her great aunties.  My sister and I have declared ourselves the Super Aunties, not to be outdone! 
 This was the same night, on her first visit to Nana and Grandpa's. 
 And here she is in her Hello Kitty outfit.  Isn't she too sweet?
 The next four pictures were taken by my friends, David Michael and Lauren Webb.  They are a wonderful team (and are expecting their own little girl later this year)!  I encourage you to go to their website and see more of their work!

And finally, these two that I took recently.  I love the funny face in the first one, but it's the second one that really gets me!  I love that sweet girl to pieces!


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