Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Well, Hello There!

For starters, I did not avoid whatever is going around.  It started on Sunday night and lasted into the wee hours of Monday morning.  Thankfully I didn't end up with the worst of it, just enough so that after morning duty and a round of state tests, I went home and slept.  I am feeling about 93% today, which is a vast improvement!  Always thankful it wasn't worse!  Being infected by the disease sponges I lovingly call students is just part of it!  This week I am on Spring Break from my other job, so that's a plus.  Knowing I can just go home and crash as the end of the day if necessary cannot be overvalued.  It also means that I will have a chance for a midweek dinner with Amber.  We haven't seen each in close to two weeks and that almost never happens!  I feel a little sorry for the people who have to deal with us, because we will be obnoxious (in the best possible way)!

Other than that, things are just pretty normal around here, which is also sort of boring.  This is the calm before the storm as far as most things are concerned, because if you know anything about education, you know how busy things get just before school lets out.  It's hard to believe that another school year has almost come and gone, but it has.  Crazy!  It's hard to believe how fast a year comes and goes, and it seems to just get faster the older I get!  I'm amazed that next year will mark my 10th year of teaching.  It seems like it's been a minute and a lifetime.  I am loving that I will be able to mix things up a little next year too!  There are so many things I want to do and I plan to spend a lot of time this summer revamping my lessons for the classes I will continue to teach and creating plans for my new ones. 

I've already discovered that the best thing about my music appreciation class is that it will give me the perfect excuse to buy old musicals on DVD off my Amazon wish list!  I am a teensy bit obsessed with the TCM packs that have four movies on them for the price of one.  I already have three of the sets, and I have plans to acquire more of them.  I love any kind of movie, but there is something especially fun about the classics!

What's your favorite "old" movie?  Let me hear them in the comments!


  1. OOOOOOOO! OOOOOOOO! Singin' in the Rain! DUH! ;-)

  2. Casablanca. Hands down. **Please refer to my cardboard cutout of Humphrey Bogart.**


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