Friday, March 30, 2012

When I Win

I don't know what your opinions are on the lottery, but tonight's record setting $540 million MegaMillions jackpot tempted me in to buying some chances.  And I fully intend on winning...1 in 176 million chances be darned!  Here's my plan for my winnings, because dreaming is totally the best part!
  • I would quit my job, effective immediately.  Now, I know I am supposed to say that I would continue teaching like nothing was different, but teaching is hard work that requires great amounts of time and consideration, and I am not going to have time for all that with everything else I have planned.  I adore my job and my "kids" but I promise to soften the blow...
  • I would set up a sizeable foundation for my school, which is also my alma mater.  There are so many things we could do if we just had the resources.  After my win, that's won't be a problem.
  • I would also set some money aside to build a track complex at the school, which I would want named after me, only because there's something hilarious about naming it after a short, round track coach who never ran track. 
  • But, with my newfound wealth, I would be getting a personal trainer to the stars and a home gym so I never again have to watch some college-age gazelle barely break a sweat on the elliptical while I sweat pools in the most unattractive way possible.  Once I was gloriously healthy...
  • I would travel...everywhere.  I would stay in NYC until I had seen every show, spend whole months lounging at the beach, visit every nerdy history sight I could come up with, see all of the history of Europe, go on a safari and see the animals in the wild...
  • And for all that traveling, I'm going to need a brand new camera with all of the lenses and lessons on how to really use the thing.
  • I would buy my parents new cars and finally give my mother the kitchen of her dreams plus anything else they wanted.  And give my brother & SIL and my sister a million every year, just because. 
  • And I would get a housekeeper, preferably one with an accent like Dorota's on Gossip Girl.  Because that would just be fun!
I have a million others, but what would you do with half a billion dollars?  The pay out is $389 million, or a cool $20 million a year.  Dream big and tell me all about it in the comments!


  1. I wouldn't worry anymore about paying for my kids' college tuition that's for sure.

    Travel for sure and I'm thinking it would be really fun to go shopping and never once look at a price tag.

    I'd have to get a new house too - preferably on my own island!

  2. Even before reading your blog, I thought about what I'd do if I won the lottery. I guess the biggest thing is my husband would definitely stop working and he would not feel the need for making more, for helping out his family more. Long story there! So, he could give them each a cool million and ease his mind.

    In terms of my lifestyle changes, I really don't think I would want one. I am lucky enough to live in a home I love, and I'm in an area I love. I have been around too many people with big wallets that don't look happy or they walk around with an attitude. I love where I am now. I love my life.

    After thinking about it, I decided NOT to buy a lottery ticket. It would be a burden to win. Ha - and I bettered the odds for you! Good luck!


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