Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Is For Interruption

I wanted to take a break from more topic-based things and just do a recap of my little Easter Break.  Hope you guys don't mind!  But let's be honest, if you do I am still going to talk about it.  I mean, it is my blog after all!  ;)

Friday, I had a rather disappointing day shopping.  I just wasn't really in the mood, everything I liked wasn't in my size, and I wasn't feeling very well.  Complete shopping fail.  (I'm sure I'm not the only one who has ever been there.  Am I right, ladies?)  Saturday, I mostly just lounged about until it was time to get ready to go to Holy Saturday Mass to see my SIL join the church.  The service was long, but very beautiful.  (Despite being raised Catholic, I had never been to the Easter Vigil.)  Which brings us to Easter Sunday!  After Mass, I spent some time in the absolutely gorgeous outdoors taking a few pictures.

Because of the crazy warm temps, Mom's clematis is already in full bloom.  This purple one is my favorite!
While I was taking pictures, my little brother was practicing his golf swing.  This causes my parents' outside cats to go absolutely nuts chasing the balls all over the yard!  They also would try to sneak them back into the garage when he wasn't looking.  It was pretty funny!
Don't believe me?  Here's your proof...
There's no real narrative for this cake.  I mean, my grandma made it for my cousin's birthday (we celebrated his and my SIL's 25th), but mostly I just liked how it looked (and tasted!).  It being the cake...and the picture, for that matter!
It was a very good weekend, even if it went by entirely too fast!  Good news is that it's only 29 days until summer vacation!  (And how could I let a post go by without this sweet face!  She had a very happy 1st Easter weekend, too!)


  1. Life is full of interruptions, it is always nice when they are good ones! Looks like a wonderful weekend! = )

  2. Shopping. Grr. Clematis. Ah. Babies and Kittens - Awwwww.

  3. Looks like a great weekend and in reference to your last post, we watched We Bought A Zoo this weekend to and I agree - a very good film!


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