Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge - 4/11

1. Have you ever played golf? Any interest in playing? Do you have a significant other who loves to play? Did you watch The Masters this past weekend?

I have never played golf or really had an interest to do so, minus a few years of my misspent youth when we hung out at the country club in the summer trying to get boys to pay attention to us.  I do get a kick out of watching my brother practice and hearing my cousin's stories about throwing clubs and whatnot.  I like the sport just fine, I just don't really think that I have the patience to play it.  I did, however, watch some of The Masters this weekend, mostly because I did not have control of the remote after Easter dinner.  (And we couldn't get the Cards game at Grandma's.)   There was also a lively debate about whether Augusta's membership should include IBM's new CEO or not amongst the family.   (I'm firmly in the should camp!  Big shock, I know.)

2. Hats are back in fashion this spring...how do you feel about wearing a hat? (fyi-I'm not talking baseball caps) When was the last time you wore one?

I love hats, but I have a hard time finding ones that fit my giant head!  (Thanks, Dad!)  I need to get to shopping though because we have a Cinco de Derby party coming up and hats are a requirement!  (If you didn't know, the Kentucky Derby is on May 5th this year!) 

3. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 meaning proficient and 1 meaning "I'd starve", how adept are you at using chopsticks?

I'd have to go with a 2.  I just never mastered the art.  Probably my general lack of coordination.  Friends have tried to show me and everything, as most other people I know are proficient!

4. Has technology taken over?

I think the short answer is yes.  Which is all good and fine until something stops working.  Then you'd think it was the end of the world!

5. In the course of a day how often do you look in a mirror?

Not very often actually.  I usually get busy and forget.  The only exception would be if I had to run to the restroom or something.  Then I usually check.  This week I may be checking more often because I have yet to master how to make this new hairstyle look even halfway decent!  Which has caused much wailing and whining as I get ready in the morning...

6. Tulip or Daffodil?

Tulips!  I think they are just the most beautiful flower and they come in so many vibrant colors.  They are one of my favorites to photograph because their colors are just other worldly.  I feel the same way about irises.

7. I am proud of myself for __________________.

Is it sad that this question really tripped me up?  I mean, it's not that I'm not proud of myself at times, but I'm having a really hard time coming up with one event. 

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I can't believe that my seniors graduate in less than four weeks!  That means that crunch time is upon me.  I feel more prepared than I have in past years, which means that I am actually getting better at this, or that I am definitely forgetting something.  I'm betting on the second one!


  1. We have graduation on May 5th...I love to watch the Derby but don't think I'll be able to see it this year. I have a big head too : )

  2. We have a graduation on Mother's Day!


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