Friday, July 20, 2012

In Waves

It would seem that Crys may have ignited a revolution.  Over the last two weeks, we have created a community of people who have decided that this will be the time they commit to health.  If you follow me on Twitter, and you totally should, you've probably noticed this.  It isn't the only thing I talk about, or at least I'm trying hard to make sure that it isn't, but there's a lot of encouragement going on.  We hear about the ills of social media, and there are some, but there's good to be had as well.  On the days that I do not want to work out, there's someone there to say, "You can do this."  To be honest, I think that kind of accountability is what I have been missing before.  Well, that and a willingness to let myself off the hook too easily.

I'm the only one who can do what has to happen to make me lose weight, short of a team of plastic surgeons, and that thought gives me the willies.  (Have you ever seen video of a liposuction or a tummy tuck?  I don't think that is what Mr. Hoover intended with the vacuum.)  Crystal has been talking about dependence on God for what she needs to get through, and always a step behind, I am slowly learning what that means too.  I want to be better.  Not to impress some guy, or brag about a number, or for any other reason than it is just time.  I need balance in my life in every area, and it starts now or not at all.  (And God shakes his head and smiles, because it's only taken me the entirety of my adult life to realize how out of balance I am, but I willing treat it as a new revelation.  Mostly because for me, it is.)

Today, as we watch and mourn the news coming out in Colorado, we are reminded again that life is short.  There is no place for regrets and what-might-have-beens.  It was said to me this week that we make our choices and we have to claim that.  It's no else's fault.  Gaining this weight was a series of choices.  Losing it is going to be the same way.  But I finally feel like I am moving forward.  And the gratitude comes in waves.


  1. Very encouraging post....I too have made that decision. I know that I am the only one who can choose to lose weight. I think that this time I have a whole new thought process..I am doing it for me...and because it is time...and I can do it...I also realize that it won't be an easy process, it is a change of thought, and you go girl! Can't wait to see your progress! = )

    1. It's all about taking every day, every step and not getting overwhelmed or frustrated with it. Even a little progress counts!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Joyce! I really do feel like this time is different.

  3. I'm a follower on twitter of you now!


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