Monday, July 23, 2012

Let's Focus On The Weekend

I am not feeling like myself today.  Maybe it was the sleeping in, but I think I earned that seeing as how I was up with the hiccups at 4:00 AM.  I get really hard hiccups, so waking up with them is its own kind of terror.  I've actually gotten up about 4:00 the last several mornings, sometimes going back to sleep and sometimes not.  At least this morning, I did.  I've just been kind of a mess ever since, though.  I didn't make it through my full workout and I just can't seem to focus.  It's definitely Monday.

But, let's focus on happier things, like what I did over the weekend, because I had a pretty awesome one!  Friday night, Casey and I hit up a local winery because the Swamp T's were playing.  There's something about sitting outside with some good food and an ice cold Corona Light that feels right.  We got bored and ended up going for frozen yogurt before heading home, but we wouldn't be apart for long!  On Saturday, LuLu, Casey and I went junkin'.  If you aren't familiar with the term, it's like antiquing, but buying the things that only you see may see the value in.  I bought a weird assortment of things, which I have already put into their places in my house. What's that?  You want to see some pictures?  Well, lucky for you, I took some when I got home!

I found this set of plates for next to nothing.  And since I love poker and weird theme plates, it was a perfect match.  They were still in their original hat box style container.
 And here's the print...
 They will go perfectly with this set of cocktail inspired plates I bought at the beginning of the summer!  I still can't get over this find!
 My office has a giant set of movie/CD towers that I like to decorate.  It would seem that I have a thing for blue animals (blue is my favorite color), but there's really more of a safari thing happening in the bigger picture. (When I get it finished, I will have to show you!)   Here are the newbies.
 Blue birds of happiness!
 And this guy, that I got for $4.00 at TJ Maxx at the beginning of the summer but forgot to show you.  I love him.
 I got this tiny tin sign for my entry way, which I hope to actually finish this week.  I have all the signs, it's just the getting them hung that is so tricky.
 I screamed a little when I saw this.  Something about the graphic was just awesome.  And being both a history buff and a Broadway theater person, I had to have it!
 Finally, I saw this video camera several weeks ago when I was visiting Laurie's shop.  I didn't buy it then, but have thought about it ever since.  When I went back Saturday, I was bummed when it wasn't there, but figured it had been picked up by another collector.  Imagine my happiness when I found it on my way to the check out!  It was meant to be!  It's so awesome and looks great with my other cameras!

So, those are my purchases.  Casey and LuLu got some great things too.  Are you a collector of kitschy antiques?  Do you love picking like I do?  Please tell me I am not alone!


  1. I love the drinks plates...those are awesome!

    1. They are easily on my "Top 5 Finds Ever" list! But every piece brings its own magic to the space.

  2. How have I not seen those cocktail plates!?!? AMAZING! I am in love and so jealous Lol

    1. I got them in June. I kept meaning to send you a picture and obviously that didn't happen. Laurie's has been very, very good to me!

  3. I'm going to get stuff so I can hang in my office - and hopefully after tomorrow, I'll have some pics to share - I'm SO FREAKING EXCITED about how weird my office is going to be!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! the owl is already hanging and the bowling pin is out! I may as to stay late just to finish decorating because I'm tired of my office looking like shit!


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