Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I had all these great posts to write for you.  And then my AC went out.  It was temporarily fixed for a minute.  And then it wasn't again.  So, I've been living at my parents' pretending I was in high school again.  (But not as dramatic, mostly.)  But, now my trusty AC guy has been back again and fixed my air.  Which means, that I am writing to you from my office, sweating, but not for long.

Since I can't write when I don't have my little set-up here, I owe you some posts.  Get excited!  Well, maybe not too excited, because then you might be disappointed.  Just know that I am officially back, and ready to talk to you about all manner of things.  Thanks for not leaving me in my time of sweaty distress.


  1. You're hilarious! Glad you have AC again!! :)

    1. Thanks! Me too! (And mostly, I'm just hyper!)

  2. Glad the air's fixed so no more time of sweaty distress! =D

  3. It finally got hot enough in my area that I was desperate for my swamp cooler. I don't think the heat will go away anytime soon . . . :o(

  4. I'm glad you survived the time without AC, and the time at your parents! ha! Glad to have you back.


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