Monday, July 30, 2012

Let's Make A List

  • If I haven't mentioned it, I haven't watched anything but the Olympics since Friday.  And I love it!  Just wish we got to watch a few more things live with a few less commercials (looking at you, NBC).
  • Food wise, I had a really bad weekend.  Lunch with Amber followed by an impromptu celebratory dinner in honor of my little sister, LuLu, who passed her nursing boards.  And I showed no control.  To make matters worse, I was not feeling well so I missed Saturday and Sunday's workouts. I will do my best to get back on the wagon today.  
  • I really thought I had more to say today.
  • We start school in just a couple weeks.  Actually, I will be back starting next week for the most part.  The summer both seems very short and very long.  But I am ready for a new school year.  I think.
  • Watching the Olympics makes me feel a little like a cougar (predatory woman, not the big cat).  I see this very attractive guys, admire them, then here the announcer say that they are in their teens and early 20s.  And it makes me sad.  
  • When I am working out, my calf muscles keep locking up.  Anyone have any suggestions how to stop that (because it is unpleasant)?
  • Amazon Prime may be the best/worst thing I ever did for myself.  But I love getting books and DVDs and whatever else in two days.  Impatience at its best.
How was everyone else's weekend?  Do anything interesting?  Are you an Olympics junkie like me?  Got some other piece of random info to share?  Do it!  I dare you.

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  1. Sometimes calves lock up if you haven't had enough water or potassium. Drink plenty of water and eat a banana! Hope it helps.


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