Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall TV Report

I had a spectacular birthday.  I didn't celebrate on a yacht like Beyonce (who is also 31) or in Vegas, but it was as great as a Monday birthday could possibly be.  Well, except for that whole not being able to sleep because I was all hopped up on birthday cake thing.  That is kind of making me miserable this morning.  But I will overcome!  It was a little sad that Tara and Macy headed back to Virginia, but they will be home at Christmas, so we won't have long to miss them.

Normally I do a post about fall TV shows, so now seems like a pretty good time to talk about how pleased I've been with the new seasons of just about every show I watch.  Parenthood has been heart-wrenching this season, but oh-so good!  The performances feel very real, which is why I think I love it so much.  I've noticed that a lot of people on Twitter and on blogs I read have been talking about getting caught up to the new season.  It's by the same guy (Jason Katims) who brought us Friday Night Lights, and if you were a fan of the writing on that show, I think you will be of this one as well.

Another show that I love but have not shown much mercy to in the last couple of season is Glee.  There have been some definite high points, but a lot of low ones as well.  I feel like the change in format for this season has really done the show a lot of good.  It feels fresh, with new story lines and great guest stars all over the place.  (And not in a watch this celebrity do something cool way.  These guests have not been wedged into, but are part of the plot!)  I'm really excited to watch again.

I openly admit to being a fan of Shondaland shows, my favorite by a mile being Scandal.  It's the only one that I want to watch on the night it airs.  The short season last spring was so fast-paced and brilliant that I was waiting with baited breath to find out just who Quinn Perkins really was.  And I was not disappointed.  The twists and turns in this show leave me breathless.  I still follow Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy, but I find myself catching them on Hulu in my free time instead of watching them "live."  I also love Dancing With the Stars, though saying that out loud is tough.

The only new show that I am really excited about is Nashville, which I've mentioned a time or twelve.  It premieres next Wednesday, and I can't wait!  I have miss Connie Britton on my TV.  (I doubt I could love her in this role as much as I loved her as Tami Taylor.)  Though some may have an issue with its premise, I have seen The New Normal as well, and think it's pretty funny.  I love Ryan Murphy's smart, irreverent humor.  (See also:  Glee)

How are you feeling now that most of the fall shows have premiered?  Thoughts?  Feelings?  Grievances?  Air them in the comments.


  1. I agree that they incorporated the "guest" stars on Glee better this year. I'm still trying to decide if it has "jumped the shark" though. Not enjoying it as much. That may be because my viewing partner is off at college.

    Person of Interest is on at the same time as Glee now. First show of the season was excellent. I'm happy because I was worried about it.

    I plan on watching Nashville also, at least to give it a try.

    1. A former work friend and I tweet our opinions during Glee. It is more fun when it's interactive!


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