Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Musical Confession

How is it already the middle of November?  A month ago and a half ago, I was celebrating my birthday and that seems both like both a second and a lifetime ago after all the insanity that was October.  Let's just say my little blog break was needed because chances are my ability to put together a coherent thought was much lower than usual.  I didn't give up all social media, rest assured.  Twitter has become my new favorite hangout and I'm having the best time over there talking at celebrities and other people I don't really know (and a few I do).  Sometimes, they answer back, so that's a bonus.  I'm a person who's pretty good with blurbs, so 140 characters is my cup of tea.  I still love talking here, recording my life and whatnot, Twitter's just another fun outlet.  If you have an account and feel so inclined, you can follow me by clicking that button in the sidebar.

Speaking of,  recently I tweeted the following:  "I'm just going to say this and risk all music credibility...I actually like Taylor Swift's new album. Fresh and inventive."  I cannot stop listening to Red.  I may have been screaming it in the car on the way home today.  You can't help it.  One minute you are cursing that "we are never, ever getting back together" and the next you are singing along like it's your job.  It's just so catchy.  But that may be my least favorite song on the album.  Taylor (because we are on a first name basis, you know) gets a bad wrap that all of her songs are about ex-boyfriends, and she plays it up because that's the kind of stuff that sells albums.  But it's really an injustice because her music is more than that.  And, moreover, it's better than that.  I encourage you to give it a listen, not that she really needs my endorsement because she's already sold well over one million copies since it came out in late October.  

I'm not really listening to much else right now, but it's been a long time since I did a music post, so maybe I need to get on that this week.  Sounds like a good job for my day off on Friday, perhaps.  

What is your guilty pleasure?  Have you listened to Red?  I would love to hear your thoughts or your recommendations if there's something you just can't get enough of right now.  Share in the comments.  You know you want to....


  1. I don't think I even noticed that you weren't blogging as much simply because we converse on twitter.

    1. Exactly! I think that's why I have been so slow to get back to blogging, even though I love it. I'm just having too much fun in the Twitter-verse!


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