Friday, May 24, 2013

As Yet Fictional Home Improvements

Anyone who thinks that ivy on a house is cozy or romantic obviously never had to deal with ivy growing on their house.  Since it was unseasonably nice outside today, I spent a chunk of my afternoon outside trying to rip ivy off my house.  This is something that has to be done periodically or the ivy will take over everything and get so strong that it can come inside the house and rip open drain pipes.  Ask me how I know.

Aside from the Great Ivy Battle, I've been really itching to do some home improvements.  I don't have a great deal of money available for these things, but I do have a lot of time on my hands for the next three months.  Originally, I thought my bathroom was going to be my first renovation victim, but now it looks like my sunroom might actually get the first upgrades.  It's been yellow for a long time, with a bead board situation that was here when I moved in and one of the only things I didn't rip out during my insane initial renovation phase.  But, almost 10 years later, I'm over it and ready to make that room look more like my style.  So what I'm thinking is something beachy (since that's my favorite place to be), maybe turquoise walls with white trim.

But, the bathroom isn't going to be without some love for long.  I still have plans to at least paint it this summer.  I'd also really like to replace my current storage (old cabinets and vanity that have seen better days) with a new vanity and some shelves above the toilet and replace the sink and faucets.  I will, of course, need a little help with that point, so I will have to recruit my dad to help me out.  And when that's done, I'd also really like to paint my kitchen.  But that's going to open up a whole new can or worms, so it might have to wait a while.

And even though I'm a terrible crafter, I also have some Pinterest things to try for my home.  I don't see any way this is going to end well, but gracious it should be fun!  Don't worry, once these things get going, I will be sure to post plenty of pictures for you to enjoy!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!  I have some plans for fun in mind and I hope you do too!


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